a Sculptural Artwork Concepts for Company HQ
Sculptural artwork concept with logo in blue glassSculptural artwork concept in stainless steelSculptural artwork concept with stainless steel petals and logo and a vbrant blue interior


Location: SAS (UK HQ), Marlow
Client: SAS

Project Requirements: To mark a major milestone and as part of its general ongoing refurbishment plans, the client contacted David Harber to see if we might be able to assist with a large piece for the main road entrance to their Marlow premises.

Initial ideas and concepts David Harber was asked to consider were:

  • Lighting and appearance in low level lighting conditions
  • Moving forward with the times
  • Technology
  • Branding the sculpture with the SAS logo

This location is the UK but there are many more SAS offices globally.

SAS is a company known for investing in original sculptural artworks, often in polished stainless steel, so this appeared to be a strong tie to David Harber's experience and signature style.

The Proposed Concepts: Many variation of the theme were proposed, four of which are shown here. Primarily, David wanted to showcase the illusion of reflection and different layers of operation that exist within the world of software.

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