• Slate wall sundial
  • Slate sundials
  • Slate sundials
SLATE Riven or smooth, the slate is letter-cut by hand and gilded with 23¾ carat gold leafBack to top Lead wall sundial with motto LEAD A smooth material, sign-written in 23¾ carat gold leaf. The sundial surface can be oiled to maintain a dark colour, or left to oxidize to a silver finish.Back to topStone wall sundial, Oxon, England STONE Any hard stone can be used, and is letter-cut by hand and usually filled with 23¾gold leaf. We can source the right stone to match the surrounding wall.Back to top
  • Copper vertical sundial
  • Copper wall sundial
  • Copper wall sundial
COPPER Copper usually has a verdigris patina which makes a wonderful contrast with the gold. The face can be sign- written in 23¾ carat gold leaf.Back to top
  • Strip vertical dial
STRIP Specially developed by David, these sundials comprise strips of bronze, brass, copper or stainless steel attached directly to the surface of the wall. The numerals and sundial furniture are laser cut to match.Back to top
  • Enamel vertical sundial
  • Enamel wall sundial
ENAMEL A stainless steel base, industrially enamelled in any colour you wish. The sundial furniture is then sign-written by hand in any colour.Back to top Noon day Analemma NOON DAY ANALEMMA Developed by the Moors around 600 BC, this sundial face has a figure-of-eight showing the months of the year. The gnomon's shadow tracks noon throughout the year.Back to topGlass vertical sundial GLASS Made of clear or coloured glass, these strikingly modern variations on the wall sundial theme offer an added dimension by reflecting sunlight as well as casting a shadow. The hour lines and sundial furniture are all etched on the glass.Back to topMosaic sundial - Gaucin, Spain MOSAIC Made of either marble or Venetian glass the mosaic is set onto a cement panel with a metal frame which is attached directly onto the wall. The hours and hour lines are indicated with 24 carat gold mosaic glass.Back to top
  • Hand painted sundial
  • Hand-painted vertical dial
HAND PAINTED These sundials can either be painted directly onto a rendered surface of your house, or onto a panel which is then fixed to the wall.Back to top

Examples of vertical sundials

The hours a vertical sundial can show will depend entirely on the declination of the wall to which you want it attached. We measure this during our site visit - or, where a visit is impractical, we supply a simple kit so you can make the measurement yourself.

Other design factors include the choice of material, scale of the wall, position of windows and any personalised Sundial Furniture such as quotations, dates, name of house and solstice and equinox lines.

The style and material of the gnomon can also be tailored according to the fabric and design of the wall sundial.

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