Concepts for a huge airport being built in the Middle East, a landmark economic development for the region that aims to position itself as an artistic benchmark by commissioning artworks that reflect the cultural identity of the country and the area.

David Harber was asked to come up with ideas for several different areas within the airport. A giant pendulum was the concept which found favour and is in development now.

Model of the proposed pendulum for Middle East airport

The Energetica Needle

Background: This is the largest undertaking David Harber has been asked to design. It is a long term and live project, which DH has been involved with from day one after meeting the landowner of the installation site at Chelsea Flower Show 2011.

The brief is to build a huge and iconic landmark, a memorable and immediately recognizable public sculpture which identifies the ‘Energetica Corridor’ running from the northern perimeter of Aberdeen up the east coast of Scotland to Peterhead and Fraserbrugh. This narrow strip of the UK is a world renowned hotspot for innovation, knowledge, learning and skills which will shape the global energy industry of the future. The community is built up from companies, organisations and research institutions collaborating to meet the world’s energy challenges.

Three dimensional model of Needle public sculpture

The Caterpillar

No client, just free rein for the artist in David Harber to come up with public art ideas for a real urban location. The result was the Caterpillar: inspired by church architecture; reflecting its surroundings in characteristic David Harber style; an entertainment for children who can run through and in between; and above all, a wonderful beautiful focus to the space.

Urban sculpture interior


Project Requirements: David Harber was invited to submit proposals for new works to be commissioned for the impressive and imposing office development ‘Florentinum’ in Prague. At the time of submittal, this was the largest construction project in Prague estimated at EUR 200,000,000.

Model of design idea for public sculpture for office development