Project Requirements: To mark a major milestone and as part of its general ongoing refurbishment plans, the client contacted David Harber to see if we might be able to assist with a large piece for the main road entrance to their Marlow premises.

Initial ideas and concepts which David Harber was asked to consider were: lighting and appearance in low level lighting conditions, moving forward with the times, technology and branding the sculpture with the SAS logo. This location is the UK but there are many more SAS offices globally.

The Clockmaker’s College

Project Requirements: As part of their current modernisation and refurbishment programme, City University would like to commission a piece of public art that will sit outside the front doors to its main Northampton Sq campus. This piece of public art needs to do several things. Firstly, it needs to provide a way finding and landmark function, secondly provide seating and a communal gathering area and lastly to become an unofficial symbol of City University and the site for photo opportunities when students graduate.

Red Balloons

Project Requirements: Stadium MK is revamping the landscape design in front of the Double Tree by Hilton hotel in readiness for the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

This is the hotel the English Rugby Team will use as their base during the tournament and will therefore be featured heavily in televised press interviews.

Seed pod seating

Brief: David Harber was approached by John Murdoch to assist with the concept development, technical design and fabrication of several sculptural features for the landscaping design of the Goodman’s Fields development in central London.

John had the idea to create four sheltered seating areas, adorning the perimeter of a public grassy space, which took their inspiration from a seed pod unfurling. These seed pods, whilst elegant and beautiful with a natural look and feel needed to be constructed in a robust manner so that they could survive the rigours of a public urban environment.

Ariel view of Goodman's Fields