Bench of Contemplation


As with so many journeys, a chance to pause, contemplate and reflect adds much to our experience. The Bench of Contemplation, placed to one side of the Show Garden's screens, offered just such a chance.

Wrought out of random strands representing human thought and DNA, the bench was conceived as a conversation piece and a conversation facilitator.

It encourages us to reflect upon our role as guardians of the environment and provides an opportunity to pause for a moment and become conscious of our past and our aspirations for the future.

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The Bench of contemplation is made from bronze strands
  • Bench of contemplation features beautifully smooth, limestone Corian® seating.
  • A shimmering mirage-like water curtain, created from contemporary, mirror-polished stainless steel, the Reflection water wall mirrored the Garden and mankind's journey. The flowing water added to the serene atmosphere needed for this contemplative moment.
Metal garden bench

The bench pictured here is in verdigris bronze and features beautifully smooth, limestone Corian ® seating.

The bench is also available in oxidized steel or stainless steel painted in a colour of your choice. Seating panels can be made of natural wood.


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