I Maestri del Paesaggio


Reflections in the Torus sculpture draw observers into a novel landscape design for a Piazza at an Italian landscape festival.

Landscape designer Sarah Eberle's vision for Piazza Mascheroni is to represent both the vibrant life of the city of Bergamo – where garden festival I Maestro Del Paessaggio takes over the town every September – and the encircling Lombardy hills that are visible from much of the city.

In this Mirrored Landscape, Torus sits in the countryside half of the Piazza, where mounds of green grey shrubs evoke the the Lombardy hills. It also reflects the vivid coloured mulch and bright cafe furniture at the other, urban end, bringing country and town together much as Bergamo itself does.

I Maestro Del Paessaggio (translation: Masters of Landscape) continues from 6th to 23rd of September.


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