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Bronze sundials

David Harber's fascination with space and the solar system inspired him to create the astronomically intriguing ArmillaryScroll for more
Bronze armillary sphere in a wild grassy garden

As well as being strong and highly durable, a bronze verdigris patina on these sundials gives the impression of timelessness.

Bronze armillary spheres can be engraved with words and phrases of personal resonance, such as mottoes and quotations; family names and dates of birth; commissioning statements; house names with latitude and longitude; and the distances and direction to locations significant to the client.

See here for more information on personalizing sundials.

Armillary sundial on a modern plinth

Included as standard with the bronze armillary sphere:

  • Extra rings marking the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer and the North and South Polar Circles
  • A calendar showing the progression of the months and a client-specified date
  • Arrowhead and tail

Armillary spheres are available in a 24", 28" or 31" diameter. Other larger sizes are available on request.

Bronze armillary sphere in a classic garden with unusual brick plinth



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