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A classical verdigris bronze water bowl, the Ekho has a 23¾-carat gold-leaf waterline.

The bronze water bowl is reminiscent of a Greco Roman temple bowl. The water effect can be a single fine jet or a ripple. The Ekho's soft weathered green colour and bright reflective gold inner rim retains its lustre with the passing of time.

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Ekho water feature in a rill leading to a classical building

The bronze water bowl can either be placed on a pond or any existing body of water where it appears to float; or it can be set atop a reservoir tank, as a self contained water feature for a courtyard setting.

LED lighting incorporated.

Diameter 35". The piece is supplied as standard with a 24" x 24" x 16" tall or 24" diameter non polished stainless-steel reservoir tank.

See the Mimeo, for a water feature bowl with a Moorish design.

Price starts from $ 24,214

Bronze water bowl for the garden


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