Mottoes engraved on bronze armillary sphere sundial Personalised mottoes on bronze armillary sphere sundial. See more armillary spheresDirections engraved on stainless steel armillary sphere. Ideal birthday gifts Pointers to places of personal significance engraved on stainless steel armillary sphereBespoke engraved sundial Engraving on sundial celebrating the 30th anniversary of women undergraduates arriving at Balliol, one of Oxford University's oldest colleges. More »Bespoke rotatable globe in bronze armillary sphere Rotatable globe in a memorial sundial to forgotten hero Admiral Arthur Phillip showing the track of the historic First Fleet to Australia under Phillip's command. More »Personalized memorial Personalized memorial on stainless steel obeliskPersonalized message engraved on stainless steel armillary sphere Personalized engraving on custom sundial. See personalized anniversary gift for a romantic personalized gift Personalised obelisk evngraved with poem Obelisk markers. The obelisk casts a shadow over the marker on the marked day of the year. See more garden obelisks

Personalized gift ideas

Every sundial, water feature or garden sculpture we make can be personalized as a family heirloom or personalized gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or memorial. Depending on the nature of the material, it can be custom etched, engraved, sign-written, letter cut or laser cut to make impressive personalized gifts.

See this personalized anniversary gift for a touching example.

Because personalized sundials can show distances and directions to places of personal significance, they are particular suitable as anniversary, memorial or 40th, 50th and 60th birthday gifts.

Typical personalisation requests include:

  • House name
  • Latitude, longitude
  • Children's names and birthday
  • Motto
  • Custom quotation, dedication
  • Commissioning message or date
  • Distances and directions to places of personal significance
  • Months, seasons, solstices, equinoxes
  • Birth date on a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday gift sundial
  • Memorial sundial

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