The Washington Post
“British artist David Harber has developed a global following for his innovative outdoor sculptures, which play with light and landscape.”

The Telegraph
“… he likes to bring an element of theatre to clients’ gardens and to turn the garden into an exhibition space.”

The English Garden
“David Harber intends for his sculptures to enchant gardeners through movement, reflection and light, and, as you stare back at your reflection in the surface of a polished Torus, it is difficult to deny the success of his designs.”

“Award-winning sculptor David Harber incorporates nature, reflection, light and water for a dramatic effect in any setting.”

Reflective sculpture

Financial Times, UK
“David Harber’s sculptures can be found in parks, squares, gardens and even airports across all six populated continents, from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK to King Abdulaziz international airport in Jeddah and the Liberty Center mixed-use development in Cincinnati. He is best known for his first piece, the Armillary Sphere sundial, a take on an ancient Greek model of the universe, and the Torus, a highly polished stainless steel round.”

Country Life
“The playful use of light and reflection are key elements that make his sculptures both complex and enchanting.”

Casual Living
“This is an artist for whom pretention or artifice are not in the vocabulary.”

“Now in his early 60s, [Harber] continues to have a hands-on approach, particularly with bespoke commissions, from attending initial site viewings, designing and manufacturing in the workshop right through to the installation.”

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine, UK
“More artwork for the outdoors than garden sculpture, David Harber’s creations have won him fans around the globe. Choose between customising one of Harber’s existing designs or work with the artist and his team on a bespoke creation that will capture the essence of the space you seek to bring alive.”

Country Life, UK
“It’s been more than 25 years since David decided he could ‘do a better job’ when he spotted a badly made armillary sphere in the back of a friend’s car. That very day, he set to work meticulously researching and then modelling his own version… The armillary sphere remains a signature design but the collection as a whole reflects a deep appreciation of the cosmos, natural phenomena and raw materials. The playful use of light and reflection are key elements that make his sculptures both captivating and enchanting.”

Sunday Times, UK
“David Harber is known for chic, sleek, contemporary designs. His water bowls, obelisks and globes in steel, bronze and stone are not cheap, but the quality is excellent.”

“Like many artists, David Harber came to his craft by chance. Almost a quarter of a century later, he has become Britain’s most prominent make of scientifically accurate sundials, armillary spheres and mirrored sculptures, for spaces from Heathrow Airport and Hotel du Cap to Fregate Island and Eton College.”

Luxe Magazine, USA
“British sculptor David Harber creates dazzling artworks that react to and engage with their natural setting.”

Flower Magazine, USA
“Some might call David Harber a wizard. They would be right. Having begun his career designing and fabricating beautifully simple metal armillaries for garden application, Harber has broadened the scope of his skills over time, transforming his repertoire into a fantasy of sophisticated, organic and magical shapes that play with light, water and nature. These treasures can be found in public and private spaces around the globe.”

The List by House & Garden
“David Harber creates original and enduring sculptures, sundials and water features meeting each customer’s unique requirements. [They are] crafted to create lasting impressions that will continuously charm and surprise, whilst being made specifically to work for their surrounding environments and those who will enjoy them every day.”


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