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Water features Questions

  • What sort of water features does David Harber make?
  • David Harber makes both striking reinterpretations of classical water features – water bowls or the Crucello tiered water fountain, for example – as well as unusual and contemporary pieces like the award-winning Chalice with dark water swirling hypnotically around a stainless steel hemisphere.
  • Can my water feature have crystal clear water?
  • All David Harber water features are supplied with a UV filter as standard. These are not really filters, but rather ultra violet lights that kill off algae and keep water clean. Coupled with regular cleaning and draining down, the water in your water feature should remain clear and sparkling.

  • How much noise do water features make?
  • All water features emit the relaxing sound of trickling water, how much will depend on the individual water feature. None are very loud though and sadly, the noise is unlikely to drown out the sound of heavy traffic.
  • What sort of water is best for water features?
  • Soft water is best for water features. Hard water can cause a build-up of limescale or grime on the surface of the feature.

    If you have hard water, the feature will need to be drained down more regularly to prevent limescale build up.

  • How much maintenance do water features need?
  • All water features require regular maintenance if they are to last for many years. Typically, a water feature will need to be completely drained down every two months. And like a swimming pool, a garden water feature will also need regular cleaning to prevent build up of algae.

  • Are David Harber water features self-contained?
  • Like all David Harber pieces, our water features are made to order. So most David Harber water features can be made to work either as a self-contained feature with a pump and reservoir; or they can be integrated into a pond or lake. Feasibility in the latter case depends on water quality and the nature of the site. David Harber will always advise you on what will work well in your space.


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