Vertical Sundials

Slate vertical sundial
  • Slate: Either riven or smooth, the slate is leter-cut by hand and glided with 23¾-carat gold leaf.
  • Pricing starts at $23,634
  • Strip: Specially developed by David Harber, these vertical sundials comprise strips of bronze, brass, copper or stainless steel fixed directly onto the surface of the wall. The numerals and dial furniture are then laser-cut to match.
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Strip vertical dial
Stone wall sundial
  • Stone: Any hard stone can be used, letter-cut by hand and typically filled with 23¾-carat gold leaf. We can source the right stone to match your wall.
  • Noon Day Analemma: Developed by the Moors around 600BC, this wall sundial has a figure-of-eight showing the months of the year. The gnomon casts a shadow that tracks noon throughout the year.
Noon day Analemma
Copper usually has a verdigris patina which makes a wonderful contrast with the gold
  • Copper: The face of the sundial can be sign-written in 23¾-carat gold leaf, contrasting wonderfully with the verdigris patina of the copper
  • Pricing starts at $15,429
  • Lead:This smooth material can be sign-written in 23¾-carat gold lead and the surface either oiled to maintain a dark color left to oxidize to a sliver finish
Lead wall sundial
Enamel wall sundial
  • Enamel: The stainless steel base can be industrially enamelled in any color you wish. The dial furniture is then sign-written by hand.
  • Hand-painted: These dials can either be painted directly onto a rendered surface on the house or onto a panel that is then fixed to a wall.
Hand painted vertical sundial


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