A massive verdigris bronze sculpture with all the energy of life exploding from its heart in a star-burst of gilded aluminium spikesScroll for more
Massive Aeon sculpture in its setting in the Chelsea Show Garden

Everything went very smoothly [with the Aeon], from creating a bespoke size/ design, to communication on progress and of course the install. It’s the second time I have used David Harber and very impressed.

Surrey, UK

Aeon is a defiant and massive bronze sculpture that represents both the first and last moment of mankind's journey on earth.

As at the nanosecond of the Big Bang, the energy of life explodes from the heart of the sculpture's mass of amorphous bronze in 256 gilded spikes.

In the Garden, Aeon can be viewed through aligned openings in the three sculptural screens that tell the story of man's evolving relationship with the planet – creating a metaphorical wormhole through space-time to the beginning of time.

Aeon represents our link to the very beginning of time.


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