Inspired by planet Earth, Mantle sculptures' intrigue lies in the tension between the wafer-thin crust and the golden interior – a metaphor for our ecosystemScroll for more
Mantle sculpture in a contemporary garden

We absolutely adore the sculpture. Please send our thanks to David and the team who created this!!

Essex, UK

A delicate latticework of hundreds of verdigris bronze petals, each with an underside gilded in 23¾ carat gold leaf give these modern outdoor sculptures an ethereal glow suggesting an inner life force – a breathtaking effect made even more dramatic at night by subtle internal illumination.

Mantle II and Geminus are David Harber's latest incarnations of the original Mantle. Each retains the integrity of the original but with an added dimension.

Oxidized steel Mantle II

Mantle II takes on a more rustic, natural character when made from mild steel.

Oxidized steel Mantle II at the end of a flowery path

Mantle II

Mantle II, inspired by the iconic original mantle, is a limited edition of 150. Each commission will be numbered and signed by David.

Created from two pairs of petal shapes in two sizes, the overall effect of Mantle II encourages the mind and eye to seek and follow patterns in the petals and gaps though the piece retains the delicate lattice feel of the original.

Mantle has a starting price of $11,627 including lighting.

The sculpture can be commissioned in bronze and 23¾ carat gold leaf, mirror polished stainless steel and spray-painted on the inside with any RAL colour or it can be in oxidized steel.

A custom engraving or etching makes a commission a much more intimate and personal process. Mantle II can incorporate a few words on a discreetly located petal.

The classic dimensions of Mantle II are 30", 39" or 47" diameter. However we can create a customized version in other diameters.

Mantle II is supplied with a bronze fixing ring at the base. The client will need to provide a stone or concrete pad to attach this ring to. Stainless steel bolts are then resin fixed into holes and drilled into the stone or concrete pad, to provide a secure fixing. It is possible to integrate a low voltage LED uplighter in the base of the piece for which an electrical supply will need to emerge up through the centre of the concrete pad. We supply the driver for the LED.

Installation and delivery are included in the price for UK commissions. For overseas shipping quotes can be obtained and charged at cost.

The finishes used on Mantle II will exhibit some natural weathering with age. However periodic cleaning will help preserve its beauty. We would recommend that it be cleaned at least once a year but only with warm water and a soft cloth to remove any detritus. Use of any abrasive cleaner will damage the finish and must be avoided.

The interior gilding should be washed gently with a garden hose, a high-pressure hose should be avoided at all costs.

Maintenance instructions will be issued on installation.


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