Armillary Charm


David Harber, and British luxury fine jeweler, Annoushka Ducas MBA have released an exclusive charm, Armillary, based on David Harber's first-ever artwork, the Armillary Sphere. The partnership between the two British design powerhouses draws on their knowledge of materials and metalwork to create a detailed timepiece that is a celebration of British Luxury.

Earlier this year, David and Annoushka announced their first collaborative piece, Sycamore; a limited-edition garden sculpture based on the yellow gold and diamond Sycamore charm by Annoushka. Now, in exchange, David & Annoushka have designed a charm to commemorate one of David's pieces, the armillary sphere. Annoushka designed a piece that perfectly emulates a working sundial in terms of functionality and beauty.

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Armillary charm necklace

Armillary marks the first time David Harber has created a miniature, and the first piece of jewelry to grace his repertoire, marking something completely new and unique for the company.

David's sculptures are known globally for their stunning craftsmanship and striking shapes; the new jewelry design is no different. Although on a much smaller scale, the jewel carries the hallmarks that are synonymous with all David Harber designs – precise attention to detail, the finest materials and the same high standard quality.

Jewelry charm of an armillary sphere


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