An evolving relationship


A series of bronze and oxidized steel screens with increasingly formal patterns told the story of mankind's evolving relationship with nature.

Two of the series, in a gorgeous richly-textured oxidized-steel, symbolized the emotional and intellectual development of human culture. The crisp geometric patterns reflected our ability to design for pure aesthetic enjoyment.

A subtle flaw in the pattern of the last screen, Sophistication, reminded us of the threat we now pose to our environment.

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Bronze screen with a contained pattern that represents our developing control over nature and appreciation for aesthetics

The first screen, Enclosure, reflected our early attempts to enclose and control the environment with a creative representation of a rudimentary barrier that keeps livestock in and the unwanted out.

Twenty-six bronze panels make up Enclosure, each panel an individual mesh of swirling organic branch and tree shapes.

Bronze screen, the last of a series, featuring a geometric latticework with a flaw, symbolizing mankind


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