Chelsea Flower Show 2024


David Harber is delighted to be exhibiting once again at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with a stand dedicated to the company's 30th anniversary and history. A timeline embedded in the ground celebrates key events in the David Harber story, culminating in this year's hero piece – Armillary 30, a new limited edition of 30 specially designed for the company’s anniversary.

At MA 338 just off Main Avenue, the stand is a showcase of signature sculptures, sundials and water features. It is designed by Jamie Langlands, acclaimed head designer at Oxford Garden Design.

Sustainability is at the heart of Langland's vision for the trade stand. The shelter at the back of the stand reuses the oak from last year's shelter and the guttering and roof are reclaimed. The planting is wild in style and features peat free compost, compostable pots and no pesticides or herbicides to ensure really minimal land impact.

Using sustainable elements and wild planting on the stand allows the timeless artistry of David Harber's sculptures to really stand out.

Jamie Langlands, Oxford Garden Design

Limited edition Armillary30 sundial

Armillary 30 is an innovative and interactive take on David Harber's first ever sculpture, the iconic Armillary Sphere. The idea is that spectators can instinctively understand how an armillary tells the time without any explanation.

Each of the thirty Armillary 30 commissions will be personalised with clients' details – quotations, dates, dedications – that transcend time and create enduring legacies. Each Armillary 30 will also be precisely calibrated to tell the time for its intended location.

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Detail of Armillary30 sculpture showing interactive lens and orb

Even after 30 years, the joy and excitement of meeting old friends and collaborators at Chelsea is as inspiring as ever

David Harber


Gaze Burvill oak bench

Solid oak furniture and a striking outdoor kitchen from outdoor furniture specialists, Gaze Burvill will also be on display on the stand.

Gaze Burvill is renowned for its fine outdoor furniture and kitchens, which are crafted by blending traditional techniques like steam bending and state-of-the-art technology. Crafted in Hampshire using sustainably sourced oak.

We would also like to thank stand designer Jamie Langlands and multi-award winning Oxfordshire based design and landscaping company, Oxford Garden Design. The company is known for working closely with clients to create gardens that respond to individual needs.

Gaze Burvill outdoor kitchen


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