Armillary 30

An interactive take on David Harber's first ever sundial, the iconic Armillary Sphere, to mark our thirtieth anniversary Scroll for more
Armillary 30 sundial
David Harber sundials

Armillary 30 is an innovative and interactive take on David Harber's first ever sculpture, the iconic Armillary Sphere. The idea is that spectators can instinctively understand how an armillary tells the time without any explanation.

At its centre, the sundial features an orb of two hemispheres with the inner workings visible through a glass lens focal point. The orb can be manually rotated to show how a shaft of sunlight passes through the orb hemispheres, illuminating the hour band and marking the passage of time.

Each of the thirty Armillary 30 commissions will be personalised with clients' details – quotations, dates, dedications – that transcend time and create enduring legacies. Each Armillary 30 will also be precisely calibrated to tell the time for its intended location.

Detail showing the interactive lens of Armillary 30
Orb inside Armillary 30

Our sundials belong to a tradition that reaches back millennia - ancient civilizations used them to adorn and add meaning to their environment. David Harber is part of that tradition. And when you commission a David Harber piece, you too become part of that tradition!

Ball detail on Armillary 30

In celebrating our 30th anniversary, and as an armillary sphere is where is all started, it seemed fitting to honour my roots by creating a new interpretation of this classic sundial

David Harber


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