Denver Water

A huge custom Hydra stands tall enough to be visible at Denver Water's headquarters from all anglesScroll for more
Outsize corporate sculpture for Denver Water
Large tree sculpture towers over its surroundings

David Harber has unveiled one of his biggest pieces of artwork to date at the Operations Complex and headquarters of Denver Water, water utility for Denver, Colorado.

Commissioned by leading US art consultancy NINE dot ARTS, David Harber has designed two custom sculptures for the site – a huge, customized version of the classic Hydra sculpture; and Water Droplet, a unique sculpture designed exclusively for Denver Water.

The Hydra sculpture is crafted from seven gently curving branches of marine grade, mirror polished stainless steel, ranging in height from 18 to 26 feet. The face of each branch is painted in a graduating, ombre effect ranging from a rich, royal blue at the base to a light azure blue at the peak. The graduation reflects the varying depths of water seen in natural pools.

This very large sculpture is illuminated at night.

Hydra tree sculpture rises high in the sky
Hundreds of stainless steel petals welded together to form a giant droplet

Sitting within the entryway to the principal building, the water droplet is formed from hundreds of mirror polished steel petals that are welded together to create a stunning, giant droplet of water.

The interior of the sculpture is painted a beautiful blue, and is lit internally with a concealed central uplighter to create a spectacular effect at night. In daylight, the mirrored petals provide reflections of the sky and surrounding grounds.

Reflections on the large droplet sculpture


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