Thanks to the mirrored finish and reflective aesthetic, the Aegis has a distinctive magical quality David HarberScroll for more
Aegis sculpture with programmable LED lighting gently brightening an alcove
Aegis sculpture lighting up an alcove with programmable LED lights

David Harber's newest sculpture Aegis launched in January at Maison&Objet Design Fair in Paris.

Aegis evolved from a client's admiration for the Steel Breeze sculpture coupled with a desire for a sculpture that would spread ambient light. The result is Aegis: five expertly patterned layers of mirror polished stainless steel, each backed by programmable LED lights which radiates through the sculpture and create a halo-like glow.

The layers of coloured reflection – which can be customized to include a range of colours – have been designed to create a mesmerising appearance of multiple voids and a sense of great depth – a striking focal point to a room.

Detail of Aegis sculpture
Detail of Aegis sculpture

Although the sculpture is designed for the home, the piece is suitable for the garden too.

Pricing starts at $49,247.

Detail of Aegis sculpture showing five-layered patterns and highly reflective stainless steel surface


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