Teardrop Mantle

Teardrop Mantle is an abstract representation of the fragility of nature, be it on land or on water David HarberScroll for more
Teardrop Mantle standing out in a bleached winter garden landscape

An elongated version of David Harber's original Mantle artwork, the Teardrop Mantle is formed from hundreds of marine grade, mirror polished stainless steel petals. These petals are welded together in a painstakingly precise process to create a stunning piece, resembling a giant droplet of water in an ode to David's love of nature and the outdoors.

The interior of the sculpture can be customised in any paint colour, ensuring each Teardrop Mantle is unique.

A concealed, central uplighter brings Teardrop Mantle to life after dark, creating a spectacular effect at night; by day, the mirrored petals provide stunning reflections of the sky and surrounding grounds.

The tip of the Teardrop Mantle statue

The Teardrop Mantle sits on a gently curved, convex piece of mirror polished stainless steel, offering a number of differing reflections when viewed at alternative angles. The entire sculpture is 86" tall and 31" in diameter at its widest point.

Like all David Harber artworks, the Teardrop Mantle is crafted by hand on site by David Harber and his talented team of engineers at our Oxfordshire workshop.

Pricing starts at $68,510 including lighting

Reflections in the mirror-polished stainless steel petals of the Teardrop Sculpture


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