Globe sundial in stainless steel that doubles as a moon dial

A 16th century design that can either be a sun or a moon dial. The hinged crescent is moved until the shadow is directly underneath, and the time read against the hours engraved or etched onto the surface of the globe.

When doubling as a moon dial, the classic sundial tells the time on the night of the full moon, and on three or four nights before and after as the moon waxes and wanes. At other times, the moon does not cast enough light.

The hinged crescent can be engraved. Diameters available: 50cm, 70cm.

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Classic sundial in copper

It is so beautiful, I am so thrilled and the whole process has been such a pleasure. David is a true artist.

Globe Dial comes in copper or stainless steel.

Globe Dial diameters available: 50cm, 70cm.


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