Water Mantle


The normally dry Mantle sphere transformed into a powerful water feature.

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bronze water mantle
water mantle

A water feature variation on the Mantle sculpture.

The Water Mantle is a verdigris bronze sphere made from a latticework of petals, each lined with 23¾ carat gold leaf.

The Water Mantle can take three forms:

  • The simplest version is as an elegant bronze sphere in water.
  • Or it can have an inner fountain which gives tantalizing glimpses of bubbling water through the holes in the latticework.
  • In its most complete form, a second smaller stainless steel sphere is mounted within the first. Water then cascades over the inner sphere, creating an alluring interplay of light and movement that is visible through the outer shell.
  • Pricing starts at $20,419
water mantle details


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