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Inspired by planet Earth, The Mantle's intrigue lies in the tension between the wafer-thin crust and the golden interior - a metaphor for our eco-system.Scroll for more
Mantle sculpture in a garden

Harmony and Magic

The Mantle is made of hundreds of bronze petals linked into a cellular latticework of turquoise verdigris.

The underside of each leaf is gilded, giving the Mantle's interior an ethereal golden glow, as if suggesting an inner life force.

Mantle as a water feature

An internal light transforms this modern outdoor sculpture into a breathtaking feature at night. Mantle can also function as a water feature. Also available in Corten steel and in mirror-polished stainless steel.

The Mantle is available in a 30", 39" and 47" diameter, with other sizes available on request.

A limited edition piece.

This modern outdoor sculpture works equally well as a focal point in an interior setting.

The price starts from $ 8,330

Mantle sculpture in a garden


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