Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture

A hard material

Stainless steel is the hardest material we work with, which is a benefit to you but hard work for us. For us, stainless steel has a mind of its own, moving about in the heat of the welding process with unpredictable strength and determination. For you, this toughness makes our stainless steel garden sculptures the most durable of all.

David Harber explains: “everything we make is intended to last for centuries. Stainless steel pieces should be around for millennia”.


Engraving on stainless steel is similarly hard work for us but the resulting text or pointers will be legible for many, many generations.

Best quality

David Harber uses high quality marine grade stainless steel almost exclusively. In harsh coastal environments, we use the even higher quality super-duplex stainless. When polished, these high grade stainless steels retain their shine regardless of outdoor conditions, enabling stainless steel garden sculptures to glint and glisten, and reflect their environment whatever the weather. Using these reflective qualities in gardens and outdoor spaces is a key feature of David Harber's garden art.


Crisp, clean stainless steel works well in contemporary style gardens. For David Harber, this contemporary quality plays into another important inspiration, that of reinvigorating old ideas. Having an ancient sundial design, for example, in a modern material like stainless steel is a thought-provoking way to bring history up to date in your own garden.


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