The Savills and David Harber Garden


The Savills and David Harber Garden is a celebration of the environmental benefit and beauty of trees, plants and grass in urban spaces. Designed by Andrew Duff, an esteemed member of the Society of Garden Designers, it showcases a host of sustainable features, including bio-diverse large trees, a water purifying wetland area, a green wall and permeable surfaces – and is endorsed by the Environmental Change Institute, part of Oxford University.

The design seeks to create a beautiful, sustainable woodland clearing in a city garden. It is an urban oasis that evokes an atmosphere of stillness and calm. At its centre, a tranquil pool of water plays host to a sculptural installation by David Harber, inspired by the surrounding woodland setting. From a shadow of leaves that flutter on the surface of the water, soars Nyneve, a 3.5 metre bronze shard that reaches high into the trees. The installation is designed to play with light and create beautiful dappled patterns across the water.

Andrew Duff explains: ‘This is tranquil space; a place to feel relaxed and where gardening is relaxed too. There is no pressure to prune, mow or sweep. In fact, this is a garden where maintenance once again becomes a meditative joy. This is a garden for mind, body and soul.

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At the Chelsea Flower Show

Joanna Lumley visits the Savills David Harber show gardenJazz singer Natalie Rushdie performs as the legendary Lady of the Lakewhite wild flower
myneve bronze shard sculpture for myneveyellow wild flowerChris Evans and Good Morning Presenter Charlotte Hawkins visit the Savills David Harber show garden


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