Messier at the Palm Beach Show


David Harber's dramatic new centerpiece Messier received its first US showing at the exclusive Palm Beach Show.

Our Palm Beach stand featured some of our favourite pieces, including a recent addition Terra, inspired by repeating forms in nature. As with all of our sculptures, Terra is handmade in our Oxfordshire workshop. Other pieces on show were Mirage, Turbine and Mantle. Messier was selected by the show’s organizers for exhibition in one of the public spaces for all to admire.

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Reflection of the David Harber logo in the gingko petals of Messier sculpture

Messier takes inspiration and its name from the 18th Century French astronomer Charles Messier, who discovered and documented numerous comets and nebulae. Many of the constellations he discovered were evocative of a dandelion explosion, hence the stems forming the base of the sculpture.

Messier consists of five allium-inspired spheres at varying heights and size, reflecting the perfect imperfection of nature. Each bloom is comprised of individually crafted Chinese ginkgo petals, each mirror polished, and the underside finished in a bright blue for added dimension. When lit, the intricate designs of the blooms reflect in a beautiful showering of light in all directions, making the Messier a impactful focal point.

David Harber stand at the Palm Beach show


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