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Torus sculpture at high end real estate project in Singapore

New Futura

Two sculptures and a water feature for New Futura luxury residences in central Singapore.

Beautiful green outside space and luxury amenities were a key feature of architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's striking, futuristic design.

The David Harber pieces underline that: a Chalice water feature hovers above one end of the 50m swimming pool; Torus sculpture sits in the middle of a large lake, reflecting the curved balconies and horizontal fins of the condominium.

And on the lawns, a custom cube sculpture, woven from contrasting metals, defies gravity and balances on one corner.

The property was developed by City Developments Limited (CDL).

Custom Mantle sculpture for luxury Singapore condo towers Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park

It's a similar story at Gramercy Park, another luxury condominium in Singapore developed by CDL. Designed by architects NBBJ, the idea is that the property's landscaping and amenities will promote an outdoor lifestyle blending fitness, leisure, art and nature.

At the entrance to each of the residence's two curvilinear towers, residents are greeted by verdigris bronze Mantle sculptures with customized leaves – one featuring Maple leaves and the other Gingko.

Custom Mantle sculpture for luxury Singapore condo towers Gramercy Park

Artworks are also dotted around the extensive outdoor space.

There are two David Harber sculptures in a grassy, planted area with pathways next to the 50m swimming pool: a custom disk with a fragmented, mirrored surface that reveals a colored painted interior; and nestled in the grass, there is Kernel black pebble sphere with a stainless steel wedge cutout..


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